D-Lock is a 52mm² Digital Keypad with Optional RFID, SMS, GSM, GPRS and GPS Tracking with SMS & E-Mail Notifications of access and Input Alarm Conditions.  D-Lock is a Security Lock-Out / Access Control Device designed to fit in places where a traditional large format keypad is not practical or needed.  Model with SMS and GPS are Pennies per day with the lowest tracking and messaging costs available.

Boats, Dock, Pool or Parking Gates, Boat Lifts, Heavy Equipment, Rental Equipment, Ignition Lock-Out, Garage Door, Man Door, Alarm Enable/Disable, Gun Cabinet, Walk-In cooler, Vessel, Golf Cart, Vehicle or Asset monitoring. 

FUNCTIONS: Continuous On, Momentary On (Sec, Min, Hrs), Selectable Timed Duration, Auto Re-Lock.

Various RFID Tag Type Options, Custom Programming, and Branding Options Also Available.
EXAMPLES OF USES:   (Receive Notifications by Smart Watch, SMS or E-Mail !! )

Applications for security lock out or timed user on control or devices access control.

Boat Ignition Lock out, Boat & Jet Ski Motor Control Lifts, Golf Carts, Electronics Control Panels, Shop Equipment, Beverage Control, Construction Equipment, Rental Equipment, Door Access Control, Garage Doors, IT Rooms, Supply Cabinet, Lights Commercial and Residential, Electronic Control Box, Manual Timed Sprinkler or Fountain Control, Pump and Motor Control and many more……

D-Lock Security Lock Out device is made of ABS contiguous color, Sealed and 3M Epoxy Potted for weather resistance.

The same Common Tags or Separate Individual Tags can be used among several D-Locks in a multi D-Lock installation.

Such as (1) Tag controlling several D-Locks on Door in a building or multiple perimeter gates on property or several pieces of shop equipment etc….  Common User and Master Tags as well and Separate Individual Tags.

Contact us for any special application request, custom programing, customization and (MP) mass production.

Items that can be customized by special order: Keypad, RFID FOB and Case: (Colors, Logo and Design) along with Control Programing.


Digital Keypad ONLY, Digital Keypad with RFID, Digital Keypad with SMS notification and control,

Digital Keypad with SMS notification and GPS tracking.

Other Options Available with External module interface for: Flashing RED LED and Steady Green LED and External Loud Speaker.


Black -OR- Yellow  (as seen in pictures)

Optional Case Colors:

Red, Orange, Green, White, Blue, Gray, Aluminide, Beige Gel Coat Color -or- your custom color

(Note: Custom color may require NRE and or MOQ)

Can also be epoxy painted to color match as needed for small production quantity.


Key Chain Plastic tag, Leather FOB, Wallet Card, Wrist Band or Boat Type EVA Foam or PU Flotation FOB Types available. 

Custom Branding or Logo of Keypad Touch Panel Available.


Plastic Tag Color and Logo, Leather FOB Color and embossing, Boat EVA or PU Foam Flotation with Name and logo etc….


3M UHB/VHB Industrial Adhesive, same as used for permanent automotive body molding applications.

CASE MOUNTING OPTIONS:  By Special Build Request, (2) Stainless Threaded Studs in addition to 3M VHB

ADDED SECURITY OPTION AVAILABLE:  ALL Same Color Wires with post installation removable labels for signal anonymity.

KEYPAD is commercial poly carbonate membrane with long life metal dome switch buttons vs. plastic dome switches. 

Same as use for ATM machines for long life and great tactile feedback of button presses.

*Keypad customization available with End User Logo and Colors such as rental equipment company, marina, gated community, golf club carts etc….


•              MODELS   (Multi-Configuration)        Device Control Continuous, Variable Timed ON and Auto OFF. Also: for Access                                                                                   Control Momentary ON with selectable timed ON to Auto OFF override, -or- Always ON.

                                                                                * “SMS models sends TEXT Alert status of Lock ON / OFF.

•              SIZE                                                         52 x 52 x 17 mm, Keys 1-6, RED/GRN LED, PGM, LOCK- Same w or w/o RFID

•              COLOR(s)  Many                                 Standard: BLACK or Yellow (Specify when ordering),

                                                                              Option: Red, Blue, Orange, Green, White, Gray, Cream or Beige Gel Coat Color. 

                                                                              Custom Available.

•              POWER  IN/OUT                                 12 VDC, 25ma STATIC Lock Condition, 50ma Un-Locked Condition Internal Relay.                                                                                  150ma with control of external 12v Relay like standard Hella or Bosh Relay.

•              FUSED PROTECTION                         Internal Self Resetting Poly Fuse (Hold Amps 0.50) (Trip Amps 1.00) (Max 15 VDC)

•              ON BOARD Relay (DPDT)                   OMRON DPDT Relay Rated Current 2A, Max Switching 1A, Ex. 0.3A @ 125 VAC, 1A @ 30 VDC

•              EXTERNAL RELAY Control                Transistor NPN Negative Switched 12 VDC @ 300 ma Max. Ex: 12vDC Hella  Relay Control

•              DIGITAL CODES                                    (1) Master Code, Plus Max. (3) User Codes, Min. 4 – Max. 9 Digits. 

                                                                                Master Tag Restores Factory to Default if you forget Master or User password or lost RFID tags.

                                                                                After Restore: User can set New Master Code and Learn New RFID Tags.

                                                                                SMS models: User will send a SMS programming message to store Cell  recipient.

                                                                                “SMS models sends TEXT Alert of Access Control” On, OFF, Failed plus many more.

•              DIGITAL RFID TAG (Option)               (1) Master Tag, Plus Max (for Factory Reset)+(3) User Tags of any combination.

                                                                              Card, FOB, Wrist Band etc....

•              RFID TAG TYPES Available                 Wallet Card, Key FOB Plastic/Leather, Wrist Band, EVA/PU Foam Flotation, Ring Etc...

•              RFID MAX. READ Distance                 Typical 5cm (50mm) from Face of Keypad, Depending on RFID Tag: typical is 20-40mm.

•              Relay Control Time Default               Device Control Model Continuous ON -or- Timed ON and Door/Gate Access Control Model

                                                                               Pulse X Seconds.

•              Tampering 5 Min. Lockout                Timed Delayed lockout after 3 Failed Attempts for Digital Code or Tag Reads

                                                                              “SMS models sends TEXT Alert of Failed Code Attempts”

•              Weather Resistance                           UV Protective ABS Exterior, 3M Epoxy Potting Internally, ATM Type Keypad

•              Mounting                                              3M UHB/VHB Industrial Adhesive, Permanent Automotive Body Molding Type


•              Auxiliary Module                                 Module for External Loud Speaker and External Flashing RED and Steady Green LED

                                                                                Lead wires are standard and are functional without external module as well.

•              Case Colors                                           Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Blue, White, Gray, Gel Coat Beige color, Others by Request

•              Mounting & Security                           Stainless Studs (2) and ALL Same Color Wire for Signal Anonymity Available

•              RFID Tags                                              Wallet Cards, Leather FOB, Custom Flotation Foam, Silicone Wrist Band, Etc..

•              Power Converter                                 24 VAC to 12 VDC Module, Other Voltage Conversions or Modules by Request

•              Custom Timer Table                           Default and 1-6 Keys Always ON, Pulsed ON or Combination of Both.

•              Standard Timer Table                         HOURS 12-0-2-3-4-5-6

                                                                               12= DEFAULT TIME Device on for 12 hours with code or RFID or SMS device turn on
                                                                               0 = Continuous “ON” when 1 key is pressed after unlocked by Code or RFID
                                                                               2 = 2 Hours “ON”
                                                                               3 = 3 Hours “ON”
                                                                               4= 4 Hours “ON”
                                                                               5 = 5 Hours “ON”
                                                                               6 = 6 Hours “ON”

•              Custom Timer Table Available for Default and 1-6 Keys, Always ON, Pulsed ON or Combination of Both, HRS/Min/Sec.

                Device can be ordered with Lockout Timer with a different time other than standard 5 minutes.

D-LOCK MODELS (Several Version Available to meet All Needs)

•              v0 Digital Keypad Lockout Device with timer table for Timed, Continuous or Variable On with Auto-OFF

•              v1 RFID:                                Same as v0 with added RFID functions for specific secure access keypad code not shared.

•              v2 RFID-SMS                       Same as v1 with limited SMS notification and control Functions. (NO Input Alarm)

•              v3-1 Same as v2                  Includes Enhanced SMS notifications, functions and controls and (1) input Alarm notification.

•              v3-2 Same as v3-1              Except with (2) input Alarm Notifications.

•              v3-4 Same as v3-1              Except (4) input Alarm Notifications via GND to Closure – i.e.: Dry Contact wires

•              v4-1 RFID-SMS-GPS           Same as v3-1 with added GPS module along with added notifications and location.

•              v4-2 Same as v4-1              Same as v4-1 with (2) input Alarm notification With GPRS and SMS Control & E-Mail/SMS Alerts         

•              v4-4 Same as v4-4              Same as v4-2 with (4) input Alarm notification with GPRS and SMS Control & E-Mail /SMS Alerts

•              v5 Future 4G - TBD            Currently GSM active to at least 2020 as reported 2016-08 by many cellular carriers and providers.

                                                              AT&T is sunsetting their 2G GSM service nationwide in December 2016. 

                                                              T-Mobile has made major investments to netowork to take over AT&T 2G market share to years 2021.

•              v6 Future SAT-Link           WIP – Works in progress.

Messaging Examples:

SMS TEXT / CMD                              Tamper, Access On, Access OFF, Status, Remote Turn ON / OFF, Set Receiver Cell Number.

                                                               D-Lock is user programmed by sending a simple SMS text messages to the device.

                                                               The device will echo back the programming command change or the requested status.

SMS with Input Alarm(s)                   High Bilge Water, Motion Detected, Door Open, Temp. HI/LOW, Door Open, Water Leak

                                                              Ex.: Gun Safe or liquor cabinet open, Walk-In Cooler open, Power Cut/Restored, Battery Level ETC…

SMS, GPS                                            SMS commands and messages with GPS Google Map link location sent by SMS to master cell user.


Device Applications                        Currently in development and or beta testing.

•              iOS SMS App.                     WIP – SMS Commands applications or iOS and Android

•              GPS Web Platform            Live and Actively Tracking Devices – Web and Smart Device for D-Lock Tracking


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