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As reported by: National Insurance Crime Bureau’s (NICB)

How can D-Lock REDUCE Vessel & Other Thefts ?

As Broadcast: March 2016

D-Lock      Security

Digital Keypad Lock-Out- Enable Device with RFID, E-Mail & SMS Text Notifications and GPS Tracking

Access Control for Gates - Doors - Cabinets - Water Craft - Construction Equipment - Boat Lifts and More...


Popular Boat Lift Controller (YELLOW GEM BOX)  and many others: Boats are lowered in the night and towed away in complete silence or your Expensive Electronics are Stolen without your knowledge only to be discovered days, weeks or months later.

( If you Remove power to the motor control box, You loose power to dock lights, pedestal, vessel battery charger and refrigeration )

The Control Box Screw Driver Over-Ride for a poor design switch system is a poor excuse and No Liability for your vessel to be stolen.

D-Lock can "LOCK-OUT" the motor control box period or the ignition for your Boat, Golf Cart, Construction Equipment or ATV and More !

Track and Locate on our GPS tracking platform NavTrackPro.  Get near instant notifications by Optional E-Mail and SMS of ANY device movement, Sensor Alarm or Human Motion detection at the source location.  Playback Trips and save location coordinates, Receive Alarm notifications for GEO Fences, Speed Alarms, Supply Power, Sensor Status Changes and much more via SMS & E-Mail notifications.

Models with up to (4) input alarms and (1) external control in a very small form factor and easy to install.   AC and DC Power Options.

D-Lock can send a SMS TEXT message to your Cell Phone of Motion, Vibration, Tampering, Unauthorized Access, with present GPS Location and many other Input Alarm actions like High Bilge Water, Cabin Door Open, Shore Power Out & Restored, Motion at Helm, Electronics area, Temperature, Air Con Water Flow Etc.... You may already have a smart phone, now it is time for a Smart Vessel.  If we have heard it once we have heard it dozens of times, " my vessel value is more money than my home " for penny's a day protect one of your most significant investments and asset contributing to making family and friends memories most memorable for a life time.

D-Lock can also be Locked and Un-Locked from your Cell phone -or- you can use it to Arm / Dis-Arm a vessel or equipment Alarm.  

The keypad code does not have to be given out for service and detailing work.  Send an SMS to Enable / Disable Lift Control Box.

Receive an SMS message when some one even opens the lift control door to tamper with controls.  Timed Auto Re-Lock Selectable so you do not have to worry about re-locking for service or detailing work D-Lock can re-lock at your selected time interval automatically.

Daily, Weekly or Monthly Status Report or Send Inquiry any time.  USE our Patent Pending Design RFID, Wallet Card, Wrist Band , Tag or our Flotation FOB.  No Need to Share Any User Codes !

OTHER USES:    The device is so small that you can monitor if your gun cabinet or jewelry door is opened while your at work or away.

Remote Fluid Level Monitoring to check status or get notifications to schedule refilling before the locations are out.  Location and Alarm Status can be viewed on GPS Software Platform via Web and Mobile Devices.  View locations with Google maps, Bing Maps, Street View, and many others.

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U.S. Patent 10,061,947