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System Design, Sales & Installation

Here are a few of the 100's of manufactures we represent.

Integrated Technologies is

an active sustaining NMEA member for 10+ Years and

we can help you sort

through the challenging

design and integration of

today's marine electronics.

We help you find a system

or system design that

meets  your needs vs.

what is in stock or on sale.

In addition, we use NMEA

NK2 Builder Software and

Manufacture System Builder

Software to produce Install

diagrams & bill of materials.

Our experience with

Electrical and  Mechanical Designs spans over 35 years

on numerous vessels from

Dinghy to Yachts for 

OFF-Shore and Coastal

Inland use.

Having served as 

Commodore, Vice

Commodore and Fleet

Captain,  we gladly

work with boating clubs

and their members for

individual or group needs.